Gallery: Not Dead Yet

About the Not Dead Yet Gallery

In my early thoughts upon arriving in the desert, it seemed to be a place to which people gravitated or descended as though to be "put out to pasture." To me, it signified approaching the end of the line. The sand was barren, hot and sad, and symbolized the later stages of life. It fit my sensibility at that time.

Because I felt I was encountering entropy everywhere I looked, I began exploring the darker aspects in my photography. I sought to capture through my camera's lens the broken and worn out, the rusted and corroded, the withered and wilted.

But then, I hiked into the mountains and walked along the trails and I made photographs - lots of them. I discovered more: the majestic mountains constantly changing color from moment to moment, day to day, from season to season; the magnificence of the flora and fauna of the desert and the woodlands; and the amazing light in these places. What I discovered is beauty, hope and transcendence in the images of maturity and beyond.

As I studied these images I found a connection to human existence: A replay of the miracle of new life, a progression from adolescence to maturity to senescence. I found awe, beauty, mystery and, of course, humor.

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