Trudy K. Kapner Trudy Kapner at home in the desert

About The Artist And Her Art

Visual art has always been an essential element of Trudy's life.

As a small child, she began her art odyssey drawing and painting with her identical twin sister, Judy. Trudy received a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Her professional background includes advertising illustration and graphics, fashion illustration and design, set design, extensive credits in costume design for television, film and stage, and, over the past twenty years, photography.

Trudy's photography encompasses the broad scope of her experience as an artist and designer. She finds the still camera, with its ability to capture a finite slice of time, affords her the opportunity to explore a wide world gamut of creative possibilities. Trudy's objective in photography is to discover and reveal the inner beauty and excitement of conventional subject matter and transform it into works of enduring art.

She strives to capture the essence of her subjects by focusing on the play of light as it reveals line, shapes and form through the movement and rhythm of repeated patterns. Trudy's artistic vision, evolving over a lifetime of professional experience and training in the creative arts, continues to drive her passion for self-expression.

The result is often an astonishing, highly stylized graphic revelation of the inner beauty of her vision - a glimpse into a sometimes tranquil, other times turbulent and often unfamiliar world frequently overlooked by the ordinary observer. Trudy's subjects include nature and landscapes, as well as manmade objects and structures. Her work has been featured in numerous publications.

Over the past decade, Trudy's photographs have been displayed in various exhibitions throughout Los Angeles County. Many of her prints have been purchased for collections in Canada, California, New York and Pennsylvania.

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